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Nowhere - Gary Moonboots

Lylac "Buffalo Spirit"

Fabien Degryse & Joël Rabesolo "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise"

Enablers "The Destruction Most of All"

Lylac "My Bird"

MY TVis DEAD "Party's in the Sky"

David Lund "Visual Side Effects"

MY TVis DEAD "Video Games" (Lana Del Rey cover)

Ivan Tirtiaux "Charlatan"

OLH "Convulsion"

Catherine Graindorge (ft. Hugo Race) "The Secret of us all"

Lu Qi H "I Try"

OLH "Blue Bitch Groove"

OLH "Hippodrome"

Frank Shinobi "Captain Fiasco"

Nox "Huit"

Fan Clip : Enrique Bunbury - Es Hora de Hablar

Frank Shinobi "Les Evadés du Zoulkistan"

Delya "Junkie Drama"

ETE 67 "Dis moi encore"

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